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A Holistic Approach to Weight Management - Alternative Healing

Are you aware that 33% of adult americans are obese and 70% of adult americans are overweight? You may be thinking so what, I am a couple of pounds overweight, how will this affect me?  It will in so many different way. Excess weight can greatly contribute to chronic disease. We eat as we celebrate holidays, birthdays, when we are depressed, stressed out, for fun, instant gratification, to reward ourselves. Can you see that all those reasons are not aligned with what nature intended for us to grow and evolve? Below see all that can develop rapidly in your system when overweight.

* Diabetes

* Depression

* Gout

* Osteoarthritis

* Gallbladder Disease

* Chronic Renal Failure

* Congestive Heart Failure

* Stroke

* Fatty liver disease

* Gastro Esophageal Reflux

* Enlarged heart

* Cancer

and I could list more but I think you get the message!

Are you willing to risk your life and keep eating the way you have been eating? If you are not concerned about your weight you would have stopped reading by now. I am an RN with a holistic certification and I am here to help you with your weight problem. Below see a few tips that can give you far reaching results towards well being and health.

Fast One Day a Week – If you look back in history our ancestors did not eat as much as our society is conditioned to eating now. Give your digestive tract a rest.  Drink water infused with lemon, a dash of cayenne pepper and teaspoon of organic maple syrup all day. If you are so hungry and you must eat then have an apple.

Our Bodies are Designed to Move – Get off the couch! Go for a walk , play tag with your kids, dig in the garden. You do not need to spend hours on the treadmill or at the gym. Use your own body weight and spend 5 minutes twice a day.  Do 10 jumping jacks or run in place with your knees up. Get a chair and on the edge do 10-15 tricep dips. Do 10-15 push ups, put your knees down if needed. Next perform 20 squats, if you can’t go low it’s ok. Next perform 25 crunches.  Repeat again later during the day. You will be amazed at how your body will become more toned.

Eat as Close to Nature as Possible- Eat fruits and veggies from your local farmer’s market,organic if available. The body does not know how to process all the chemical preservatives and pesticides. Make it a habit to read labels before you purchase a food item. If it comes in a box it is probably loaded with preservatives. Also, be careful, all natural does not always mean healthy! Yes it will take a little extra time to make a meal from scratch. The benefits are it will taste so much better and your body will be getting the nutrients it needs.

Limit Your Carb & Sugar Intake-  What?!! Ok I do not expect you to be perfect but the sugary snacks and sodas could be what is keeping you fat and unhealthy. These include white bread, cakes, cookies, pasta, white rice, potatoes etc.. Even some fruits are high in sugar! There are delicious healthy substitutes that taste like the real thing but are not loaded with processed food and unhealthy sugar. In the coming weeks I will be posting some of these substitutes for you to try on your own so stay tuned!!

Eat Fat-  Contrary to what you have been told, eating fat doesn’t make you fat. The difference is choose healthy fats which include, olive oil, ghee( see recipe below), avocados and nuts.

Portion Control- It is true if you do eat less you will lose weight. Decrease your portion size by 20% and you will automatically cut calories. Make vegetables, including salad the largest portion of your meal.

Hydrate- Our bodies are 70% water. Oftentimes a feeling of hunger may just be mild dehydration. We require 8-10 8oz glasses of pure, filtered water a day.

Ghee Recipe- 2 lbs grass fed, organic butter

Place butter in medium saucepan at medium heat. A foam will rise to the top and the mixture will start to bubble. Turn heat to low. Scoop up some of the foam with a strainer spoon.  You can also scrape any solids that accumulate on the sides of the pan and discard. When the bubbling slows watch closely so you do not burn the ghee. The mixture should now be a golden yellow and is done. Cool for 20 minutes then run through a cheesecloth into your storage container. Store in an airtight container in a dark place.  Does not need to be refrigerated.

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