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About - Alternative Healing

Integrative medicine is used by people who desire to maintain wellness , as well as those who are experiencing medical problems. Evidence-based research has shown that alternative medicine therapies reduce pain and enhance healing and promote feelings of peace and relaxation.

Through my experience as a nurse  working and researching in two of the top hospitals in NJ, St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center and St. Barnabas Medical Center, I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t to bring healing to people. I have developed a synergistic approach to healing that incorporates all 5 senses, the above modalities and life coaching using profound concepts from “The Manual 4 Life.”   The Manual 4 Life philosophy transformed my life!  Now my passion is to share this gift with others to help them decrease stress, become healthier and more effective in life.

Jennifer Hodgson, a Registered nurse with over 20 years experience, received her BSN from William Paterson University in 1992. Realizing there was so much more available to help heal people she became certified in Holistic Nursing. Jennifer is also an EFT(emotional freedom technique) Master, a Reiki Master, an Acupressure Practitioner (same pressure points as acupuncture but NO painful needles!).She is certified in Hypnosis & NLP, a certified Clinical Aromatherapist and a Certified Life Coach.

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