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Clinical Aromatherapy - Alternative Healing

Aromatherapy Made to order

I use a variety of therapeutic grade essential oils to enhance your well-being. These oils can help decrease pain, enhance relaxation and promote healing, minus any annoying side effects. I use essential oil of peppermint and ginger to aide digestion. I use essential oils of lavender and sandalwood to promote restful sleep. I use essential oil of lemon and rosemary to promote an increase in mental clarity. There is an essential oil for every ailment or discomfort you are experiencing.

We carry a wide range of products to suit a variety of budgets and tastes. Our most popular products are shown below. Please call or stop by for more information on products, current promotions and custom options.

Call (201)­ 602-­4616 To Place An Order

Reward yourself with the benefits of Aromatherapy

Bug Repellent – $12

( Enjoy your summer free from nasty bug bites)

Tick and Flea Repellent for Pets – $10

(We all love our pets, protect them )

Home Cleaning Products – $12

(Enjoy a clean home, without harmful chemicals)

Pest Repellent for your Home – $15

(Safely repel pesky bugs and rodents)

Roll on for after Workout Pain & Minor Injury – $15

( Welcome your next workout pain free )

Aphrodisiac Essence for Men – $18

( Excite your woman )

Aphrodisiac Essence for Women – $18

( Excite your man )

Roll on for Menopause/PMS- $ 18

( Relieve the Discomfort )

Room Freshener – $ 14

( Safely freshen your home or office without harmful chemicals. )

Essential Oil Body Cream – $16

( Enjoy beautiful silky skin naturally )

Fly Spray for your Horse – $14

(Keep annoying flies away safely)

Essential Oil Blend for Nail Fungus – $12

( Have clear beautiful nails naturally)

Essential Oil Roll on for Bee & Wasp Stings – $12

( Relieve the sting & avoid swelling fast!)

Essential Oil Roll on for Sleep – $15

(Have a great night’s sleep naturally )

Essential Oil Roll on Hangover Remedy- $15

( Feel Better Fast after overindulging )

Aromatherapy Roll on for Sadness/ Depression- $15

( Improve your Mood now with Aromatherapy)

Personal inhaler – $12

( Breath in the aroma and feel better )

Available Inhalers

  1. Allergy/sinusitis
  2. Anxiety/depression
  3. Digestion aid
  4. Nausea/ vomiting from motion sickness, chemotherapy etc..
  5. Increased energy and focus (great for exam time!)
  6. Appetite suppression

Formulated by the Center for Alternative Healing and Wellness.

25 years in the field of helping people we bring to you a powerful approach to your wellness by using safe products from the beautiful science of aromatherapy.

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