As a Registered nurse with over 20 years experience I became aware of using high quality supplementation and the importance of using skin care products free from harmful chemicals. Please read the labels of your personal care products and be aware that harmful chemicals can be found in your vital organs in 38 seconds or less.  Here is a list of what to avoid: animal by- products, mineral oil, formaldehyde- donating preservatives, polyethylene glycol, petrolatum, gluten,  parabens, phthalates, alkylphenols, benzene, triethanolamine, phosphates, triclosan, hydroquinone, monoethanolamine,  artificial flavors and synthetic dyes. I have spent countless hours researching companies and below are 2 you can click on and order with confidence knowing you are receiving products that are safe, free from harmful chemicals  and will give you results.


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