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IGM® Therapeutic Acupressure - Alternative Healing

Are you aware that acupressure uses the same pressure points as acupuncture without painful needles? This modality is a multi-conceptual combination of 5 eastern meridian based point therapy techniques including Acupressure, Shiatsu, AMMA, Reflexology & Jin Shin Jyutsu along with color therapy, and components of therapeutic touch. IGM® facilitates the restoration of overall balance, harmony and wellness to the bodymind & spirit.

IGM® therapeutic acupressure uses 50 specific acupressure point combinations along the body’s energy channels called meridians in a simple triangulated sequential order that opens blocked acupressure points for optimal flow of life-force energy or chi. According to the ancient oriental art of acupressure, the body has a network of meridians through which our vital life force energy flows. When the flow of energy is blocked or interrupted ,an imbalance occurs in the form of discomfort or disease in certain parts of the body. Through the application of acupressure these channels are reopened allowing the life force energy to flow. Balance and wellness are restored to the body.

Everyone has a right to Holistic healthcare that honors the BodyMind & Spirit & reflects one’s personal values, beliefs and cultural orientation. Individuals have a personal responsibility to self care. IGM® therapeutic acupressure supports conventional medicine and is part of integrative medical services and healthcare practice options.

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