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Life Coaching - Alternative Healing

Learn The Manual 4 Life

The Manual 4 Life brought to you by The Center for Self Development.. Preorder your copy now for $39.95.

I was blessed to be introduced to this profound, unique information. My life was a disaster and I really was hopeless that anything would ever change or improve.  Now that my life has transformed,  my passion is to share this gift with you!

As the administrator for The Center for Self Development I introduce people to “The Manual 4 Life” philosophy.  Learning this unique philosophy  will guide you to  understand how life really works.  Set up a complimentary evaluation to learn how  this program can benefit you.  Please visit our events page for upcoming seminars. We will be happy to come to your place of business or social gathering  to help you fulfill your goals and dreams, whatever they may be .

Do you often feel: Lost? Overwhelmed? Unfulfilled? Are you having trouble achieving your goals? Do you often feel stuck or ineffective? Does your life never seem to match up with your hopes and dreams? If so, did you ever consider why? When you are born, you are not given an owner’s manual on how life works. You are left to figure out life on your own or adopt what others say or do around you. What you end up with oftentimes, are ineffective ways of responding to life’s challenges that actually increase the frustration and dissatisfaction that you experience. The Manual 4 Life Workshop is like discovering your own personal Owner’s Manual. It describes a theory and provides a practical methodology that you can apply to increase your awareness, understanding and ability to respond to Life’s challenges.In this Workshop you will learn how to identify, nourish, utilize and refine all the levels of your being. You will discover how to transform the difficulties, stresses and breakdowns you experience and use them to catapult yourself to new heights. If you are interested in learning more about yourself or life this Workshop is for you. It can provide you with the information and knowledge to find direction, purpose and transform your life to the life you always dreamed of.

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